The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control is an account of the mechanisms that control cell division, beginning with a description of the phases and main events of the cell cycle and the main model organisms in cell-cycle analysis. Later chapters focus on the molecules and mechanism of the cell-cycle control system, including the cyclin-dependent kinase family of protein kinases, the cyclins that activate them and the signaling molecules that regulate them, and discuss cell-cycle control in development and the failure of controls in cancer.

See the Oxford University Press website for more information and for online resources, including links to download all illustrations from the book for free.

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To see reviews of the book, click on the following links:

James E. Ferrell Jr., Current Biology. open pdf

Christina Karlsson Rosenthal, Nature Cell Biology. open pdf

Torsten Krude, BioEssays. open pdf

Mignon A. Keaton, Cell Division. open pdf



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