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Conference Room Calendars

Sandler Neuroscience Center & Rock Hall conference rooms, Mission Bay

The Physiology department & Center for Integrated Neurosciences now use Microsoft Outlook to schedule the conference rooms listed below:

BuildingRoom #CapacityA/V Applications*ContactEmailTelephone
Sandler43812FS, WB, VC, PLCMarcus Cavnessmarcus.cavness@ucsf.edu415-502-7333
Sandler5328FS, WB, VCMarcus Cavnessmarcus.cavness@ucsf.edu415-502-7333
Sandler53812FS, WB, VC, PLCMarcus Cavnessmarcus.cavness@ucsf.edu415-502-7333
Rock Hall20212WBLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
Rock Hall218B10WBLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
Rock Hall30212WBLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
Rock Hall318B10WBLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
Rock Hall40212WBLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
Rock Hall50212WB, PLucita Nacionaleslucita.nacionales@ucsf.edu415-476-8370
*FS = Flat Screen; WB = White Board; VC = Video Conference; PLC = Polycom Conference Phone; P = Projector

If you are unable to submit a request in Outlook, you may check room availability through the links below:

Sandler Neurosciences:

Sandler Neurosciences - Room 438
Sandler Neurosciences - Room 532
Sandler Neurosciences - Room 538

Rock Hall:

Rock Hall - Room 202
Rock Hall - Room 218B
Rock Hall - Room 302
Rock Hall - Room 318B
Rock Hall - Room 402
Rock Hall - Room 502

For Sandler room reservations send an email to Marcus Cavness.
For Rock Hall room reservations send an email to Lucita Nacionales.

Please include the purpose of the meeting and the times requested in the subject of the email. Every effort will be made to respond in a timely manner, but delays may be inevitable.

The conference rooms in Rock Hall do not have LCD projectors, active telephones or internet ports. The rooms are covered by the campus wireless system.

You are responsible for leaving the room clean and in its original configuration.

NOTE: Conference Rooms can only be scheduled for a maximum of one (1) year. Please remember to renew your standing meeting reservations annually.

Links to other UCSF conference rooms: For Diller 160, Byers Auditorium, GH114, and RH102: Classroom Services http://edtech.ucsf.edu/classroom-services
For other GH conference rooms: Genentech Hall Calendar Server http://bch-shared.ucsf.edu/gh/