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Patricia Janak

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"Addiction is a behavioral phenomenon that depends critically upon an animal's experience with the drug, and the modulation of drug-related behavior by conditioning. Therefore, to understand the underlying neural basis for alcohol and drug addiction, we need to investigate neuronal function in real-time within animal models of addictive behavior."

Patricia H. Janak
Associate Professor, Neurology
Rutgers College, BA (Psychology, Biology), 1986
University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. (Psychology), 1993
E: pjanak@itsa.uscf.edu
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In my laboratory, we use extracellular ensemble neurophysiological recording to measure the activity of neurons in awake behaving rodents during the operant self-administration of alcohol, other drugs of abuse, and natural rewards. These studies examine the contribution of neural activity patterns within the brain reward circuitry to alcohol- and drug-seeking behavior. We also use behavioral pharmacological techniques to understand the contribution of specific neurochemical and neuroanatomical systems to the effects of alcohol on behavior.

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